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California Enforcement of Judgments Law (the entire body of statutory law enacted by the California Legislature governing enforcement of judgments in the State of California – CCP §§ 680.010-724.260):​ ​

Full text of the Enforcement of Judgments Law: ​​

All California Judicial Council Forms applicable to the enforcement of judgments: ​

An excellent website with an immense collection of plain-English information, tips, and tricks on enforcing judgments in California and all other 50 states: ​

An extremely handy judgment calculator – calculates both post-judgment interest as of any given date, and also accurately accounts for individual costs or partial payments on the judgment: ​


A great website with excellent search function across most states and counties for identifying past or present litigated matters involving your debtors or other third parties: ​ 


A website for the California Association of Judgment Professionals – a nonprofit organization whose members are dedicated to the enforcement of judgments across the State of California:


Creditor-Debtor Law Forum:

Adkisson's Enforcement of Judgments Law in California. This website considers the primary tool for judgment enforcement in California, which is the Enforcement of Judgments Law (EJL), as found at CCP §§ 680.010-724.260, and ancillary California laws that affect the collection of judgments in the Golden State.


  • Jay Adkisson’s Central Website; providing links to statutory creditor rights authorities, his recent debtor/creditor articles and publications, and more:


  • Jay Adkisson’s articles and links to authorities on Charging Orders, a popular remedy against debtors who own interests in LLCs:




Find Out What Assets Your Debtor Really Owns – Retain a Licensed California Investigator at Reasonable Cost: ​


Investigate Links Between People/Companies That Owe You Money: ​


Nationwide Network of Capable Judgment Enforcers: ​


Sacramento County Public Law Library’s Basic Instructions to “Pro Pers” (i.e., unrepresented parties) regarding Enforcement of Judgments​: ​


California Judicial Council - “Tips for Collecting Your Judgment”: ​


California Judicial Council – “Collect From the Debtor’s Property”: ​


Links & Tips put out by the California Judicial Council on “Collect[ing] Your Family Law Money Judgment”:


Los Angeles County Superior Court link providing links to basic Judicial Council forms to assist Pro Per judgment creditors with enforcement of judgment:


48-page Guide to “Collecting Your Judgment” published by the California Judicial Council:


The resources your Debtor is looking at online in trying to defeat your enforcement:


Verified, Effective Registered Process Servers – these folks know how to get levies, writs, and other documents on file with the Sheriff, served, posted, and more:

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